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How to Prepare Your Pool When Getting Ready to Sell Your Home

How to Prepare Your Pool When Getting Ready to Sell Your Home

A swimming pool can be a big drawcard when it comes to selling your home, but it needs to be presented in the best possible light to convince potential buyers that its benefits outweigh the cleaning and maintenance that come with it. So, we’ve put together some helpful tips on preparing your pool for an open home to help you get top dollar for your property. 

Make sure it’s compliant

Before you do anything else, make sure your pool complies with pool fencing regulations in Australia. The regulations vary according to the state or territory you live in, but basically, your pool needs to be registered and compliant with Australian standards. You can get a certificate of registration from your state government’s website and a certificate of compliance from your local council or an accredited certifier. When you sell your home you’ll need to have both of these certificates attached to the contract of sale.

A big part of compliance involves ensuring you have a fence surrounding your pool area that conforms to Australian safety standards. So, if your current fence isn’t up to scratch, you might want to consider upgrading (something we’ll discuss later in this article).

Do some maintenance and cleaning

Apart from ensuring compliance, you’ll want to make your pool look as visually appealing as possible. The following are some tips on preparing your pool and surrounds for an open home:

  • Remove stains – A stained pool looks dirty and uninviting, so buy a good stain remover and thoroughly clean your pool and the surrounding area.
  • Replace caulking – If the caulking between the pool deck and coping is old or stained, cut it out and re-caulk it with a good sealant.
  • Replace old pool equipment –Old or broken ladders, covers, pumps and vacuums should be cleaned, repaired or replaced.
  • Organise pool chemicals – Put all your pool chemicals in a clean, dry, secure place and include a binder with instructions for their use. This shows potential buyers that your pool has been well maintained.
  • Trim trees and shrubs – Cut back any overhanging greenery to let maximum sunlight into your pool area and to prevent leaves and debris from falling into your pool.
  • Remove scale and efflorescence – If you have a salt water pool, remove calcium scale and white deposits with a wire brush and suitable cleaner.
  • Clean the pool deck – Pressure wash your pool deck to remove dirt and stains. If the timber is faded, give it a fresh coat of stain to bring it back to life.
  • Stage the pool area – Arrange lounge chairs, umbrellas, and potted plants around your deck in a way that allows buyers to picture themselves enjoying the pool area.
  • Choose the right time to sell – List your home during prime pool season. This is usually summer, when the weather is warm and the pool is at its most inviting.
  • Make sure you’re prepared – On the day of an open home, put away pool toys, ensure the water chemistry is balanced and that the pool is clean, vacuumed and free of bugs and other debris.

Upgrade your fence with frameless glass pool fencing

As mentioned earlier, if your pool fence is old, unsightly or non-compliant, a good solution is to upgrade to a new one. The best option is to install frameless glass pool fencing. Made using panes of toughened glass and with no metal posts required, this state-of-the-art fencing will transform your existing pool area and become a unique selling point in its own right.

Some of the many benefits of frameless glass pool fencing include:

  • Unobstructed views – As it’s transparent, you can keep an eye on the kids in the pool from almost anywhere. You can also enjoy views of your garden while swimming yourself.
  • Maximum safety – With no footholds for young children to climb with, it forms an impenetrable safety barrier.
  • Superior strength - It’s made from 10-12mm tempered safety glass heated to over 700 degrees Celsius, making it extremely tough.
  • Fully compliant – Conforms to all Australian safety standards for pool fencing.
  • Good investment – A worthwhile investment, as it will pay for itself through the value it adds to your sale price.
  • Modern appeal – Its sleek, minimalist lines will complement any structural or landscaping design.
  • Non-corrosive - Impervious to chlorinated pool chemicals.
  • Weather resistant – Designed to withstand any weather, including extreme hot and cold temperatures.
  • Low maintenance – Simply clean periodically with water and detergent to maintain its shine.
  • Longer swim season – Blocks cool winds while allowing the sun through, meaning your swimming season can be extended into the cooler months.

Get ready to sell

Not every potential buyer wants a swimming pool to take care of, so when selling your home, it’s important to present your pool as an asset rather than a liability. Hopefully, by applying some TLC through the steps outlined above, you’ll achieve that goal and increase your selling price as a result.

Ready to present you pool in the best possible light? Trade Glass Depot are the experts in everything related to frameless glass pool fencing. Contact us today for a quote on your project.

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