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A Guide to Frameless Pool Glass Fencing

A Guide to Frameless Pool Glass Fencing

Here at Trade Glass Depot, we stock Australia’s largest selection of premium quality frameless glass pool fencing products. Leading Aussie installers have come to rely on TGD because our products meet very strict quality control criteria, and we’ve always got the stock you need ready and waiting to go.

With more than 100 glass panel types in our warehouse, we’re sure to have the glass pool fence solution for your project. 

Top quality glass pool fencing

We only stock the highest quality glass pool fence panels at Trade Glass Depot. Our glass panels are made from top quality Grade A Toughened Safety Glass, made to Australian Standards and tested independently for impact resistance, strength, load capability.

TGD’s pool panel range is available in increments of 50mm from 500–1500mm. Our pool panels come with or without side handrail bracket holes, or can take a u-Channel top handrail system in square or round profile.

The types of pool fencing mounts

The pin-fix system

Pin-fix standoffs used for glass pool fencing

The pin-fix glass pool fencing system allows for the attachment of the glass panels to the exterior sides of the pool area you are fencing. Not only does this allow for unobstructed views into the pool area from the interior and exterior, but also can reduce the risk of anything entering the pool area from under the pool fence (eg animals).

For pools in timber decks, concrete slabs or those that have an outer wall, we stock the full range of standoffs in 38mm diameter pin fix bodies with fixings to suit all of those bases around your pool. Side-mounted pin fix standoffs are 316SS and come in a highly polished mirror finish or a matt black powder coat. All fixings and fasteners are stainless steel.

The base mount system

Base Mount Spigots mounted to a timber deck with noggins

The base mount system for glass pool fencing uses noggins to anchor the spigot (the part that holds the glass itself) into place. These noggins can be adhered to a number of materials, including wood.

TGD’s ‘Value’ and ‘Pro’ range of 2205 stainless steel base mount spigots are available in a square or round profile. They are engineered and tested to comply with Australian Standards for use on our pool fence systems which are independently tested here in Australia.

TGD’s square and round base mount spigots are available in a highly polished mirror finish or in a matt black powder coat.

All fixings and fasteners are stainless steel and both profiles come with a tasteful mirror polished SS dome cover.

The core drill system

The core drill system for glass pool fencing involves having the spigot drilled into the flooring material, which could be concrete, tiles, pavers etc. As the drill does not have a ‘hammer’ action, this ensures that the material does not crack when the spigot is being installed.

Core Drill Spigots set into a tiles concrete base

Our ‘Value’ and ‘Pro’ Range of 2205 grade stainless steel core drill pool spigots are available in round and square profiles. The mounting holes are first core drilled into the concrete base/tiles and spigots are set in the holes with a structural grout.

TGD’s square and round section core drill spigots are supplied with their own flat cover, all in a highly polished mirror finish or a matt black powder coated.

Gates, hinges, latches & posts

TGD have a full range of glass panel gates, their hinge panels and latching panels. Our gate hinges are available as a standard spring hinge or as a Polaris Hydraulic soft-closing hinge set. Gate panels are available in 50mm wide increments and can be hung from glass hinge panels, walls or one of our custom stainless steel posts.

Our various widths of hinge panels suit both standard spring-hinged gates and the premium hydraulic soft-close Polaris hinged gates.

Standard glass-to-glass gate spring hinge

Square section mirror-polished stainless steel post with a post-to-glass gate spring hinge

With our various hinge options, TGD’s range of gate latches have all the possibilities covered too – whether your gate closes into a corner or is inline with other panels.


Flat handrail

Our flat handrail system is manufactured from seamless marine-grade 316SS and polished to a mirror finish. No matter what design your project takes, TGD have all the brackets, connectors and joiners to suit perfect fitment of a 50x10mm side-mounted handrail rail on stairs or a balcony. Available in 6m lengths.

Glass pool fencing with flat handrail

U-Channel handrail

A U-Channel handrail runs along the top of the glass pool fencing panels to give a smoother and more comfortable grip.

Highly polished 316 stainless steel u-Channel handrail systems in 25mm round or square sections with variety of connectors, joiners and end ties. Available in a highly polished mirror finish or in powder coated matt black.

Glass pool fencing with U-Channel handrail

We also stock a complete range of installation consumables such as core drill bits, fixings, structural grout, glazing silicone, and more for all your pool fencing projects.

Find out more about each of our products by downloading the relevant brochure here.

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