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7 Questions to Ask Before Installing a Glass Pool Fence

7 Questions to Ask Before Installing a Glass Pool Fence

Whether you are upgrading your existing pool fencing, renovating the yard or building fresh, there are several questions you may ask during the research and planning phase of your project. Trade Glass Depot prides itself in holding all the spigot-mounted and pin fix-mounted stock you will need, all year round. 

1. Is a glass pool fence difficult to install?

Most keen DIYers familiar with a portable drilling machine are able to follow TGD’s extensive Install Guides to great effect for both core and pin fix mounted systems. Glass panels are difficult to handle and heavy by nature, so using the ‘buddy system’ to prevent injury and damage when installing is important. If you have any concerns about your ability to complete the project, TGD will be more than happy to recommend a local installer who can carry out the job with your TGD materials. 

2. What are the basics of DIY installing a Glass Pool Fence?

Installation can be broken down into:

  • Planning
  • Set-out
  • Installation

Preparation of the required tools, delivery access and a good clear work area is also very important.

3. How much will it cost?

Although each project can differ greatly in hardware needs and therefore price, any further additions would concern your installation site: e.g. if you need to fit noggins to a deck or have a concrete strip footing laid for a fence line before installation.

For more information regarding cost and other considerations, check out this piece here.

4. How high will the fence be?

1200mm is the standard height of a pool fence and the gaps around each panels can vary between 10-100mm max. However, arranging the panel gaps between 40-60mm is the most common because the supporting spigots hold each panel 50mm from the ground.

5. Is a glass fence hard to keep clean?

When your pool area is in heavy use, keeping glass panels perfectly clean and clear can become a little challenging. The time spent cleaning splashes and fingerprints from the panels can be greatly reduced with TGD’s factory-applied EnduroShield coating though – it will cut up to 90% of your cleaning time.

6. How difficult is a gate to install?

TGD’s hinged gates consist of the main gate panel with a latch, and a panel from which it hangs. That panel will have holes or a cut-out for the hinges, depending upon which hinge chosen, namely the soft-close Polaris or standard spring hinges. Both are very straightforward to fit, align and tension.

7. Is a Glass Pool fence durable? 

Although our prices seem almost unbeatable, TGD supply only the highest quality glass and hardware. Our 2205 stainless steel spigots are the strongest, best looking and corrosion-resistant available – while all of our glass carries the Australian Standard mark. All of TGD’s pool and balustrade systems have undergone and passed stringent quality, performance and material testing.

Need help installing your Glass Pool Fence?

Have a great idea on how your backyard pool fence should look like, but need some help with the installation? We at Trade Glass Depot are always happy to help. Not only are we the experts at glass pool fencing, but also have this quick installation checklist you can use for your project. Nevertheless, if you still need help, contact us today and we can get your backyard in tip-top shape as soon as possible!

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