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How to Choose the Perfect Glass Pool Fence

How to Choose the Perfect Glass Pool Fence

In order to enhance the safety of your family while maintaining the aesthetic of your pool area, you may want to look at glass pool fences. A pool fence is a necessity, particularly if you have small children. You want a fence that is durable and safe while maintaining the overall aesthetics of your entertaining area. This is where glass fences are ideal, since they provide an elegant look as well as maintaining safety. However, there is more to choosing a glass pool fence than aesthetic and safety alone. Here are some other things to look out for and to consider when choosing the right glass for your pool fence. 

Factors to consider before choosing to install a glass pool fence


The cost of a glass pool fence also includes the cost of installation and may vary depending on the height and total size. The number of gates required can also influence the price, so be sure to set a realistic budget if you’re planning on installing this type of pool fence. Generally, you can expect to pay up to $275 per linear metre for a high end and frameless glass fence.


Before choosing to install glass pool fencing, you need to consider its safety. The safety of your pool fence is the primary thing to consider before installation. It’s also very important to source glass panels that pass the Australian Standards .

Factors to consider when planning for a glass pool fence

Quality of glass

Sourcing a high-quality glass for your pool fence is essential. Even heat treated toughened glass panels can explode due to nickel inclusions that are hidden during the manufacturing process. Purchasing your glass panels from a certified supplier and having expert installation goes a good way to preventing these rare breakages. It’s important that glass panels meet Australian Standards and have the Conformity Mark of Australian Standards . These glass panels are manufactured using nothing but the highest quality glass and quality control standards.

The style of a glass fence

A glass pool fence should be as durable as a barrier can get. The type and style will depend on personal preference and the layout of your pool area. The most popular way to fence a swimming pool with glass is the ‘frameless’ style

Once a feature high end buildings, suburban homeowners now have the choice to install frameless glass pool fencing and enjoy the sleek and modern feel around their pool. Frameless fencing is a popular choice since there is virtually nothing to obstruct the view of the pool area and surroundings - yet the barrier and safety of the fence remain. Instead of posts, frameless glass fences are positioned and put in place with spigots that are drilled or cemented into the ground. The panels can adjoin or have gaps of up to 100mm and still remain within pool safety regulations.

Don’t forget to factor in your surroundings when choosing your pool fence. For instance, spigots and handrails can optioned in round or square profiles to match existing structures. All our pool fencing hardware is meets or exceeds Australian Design standards and have been tested by w third party for your safety. The use of 2205 and 316 marine grade stainless steels ensures the mirror finish bright work will remain so for decades. If you happen to live in a high wind area or have ocean frontage, we have the solutions for you. These considerations can be discussed with your Sales team member.

The width and height of the fence

Standard glass pool fences are usually 1200mm high. Widths of panels vary by design, but generally, a frameless pool fence will consist of panels between 850-1800mm wide. No matter which style of glass fence you choose, it should be at least 1200mm in height to comply with safety standards. Always check your local regulations and guidelines to ensure that your pool fence complies with your state’s laws.

The thickness and size of glass panels

Glass gate panels are 8mm in thickness while the main pool panels (including each gate hinge panels) are 12mm thick. When non-standard panels are required for stairs or unusual areas of a pool barrier, custom panels can be specified. They do take a little longer to supply and fit while carrying a higher cost, but the end result will far outweigh that. Contact the experts to discuss a cost-effective solution to glazing your pool barrier.

Modernise your pool area with glass pool fencing

Glass pool fencing is an extremely popular option when constructing a backyard pool these days: it’s clean, beautiful and affords complete and unhindered views of the cool blue water. For further help with designing and installing your pool fence system, look no further than Trade Glass Depot’s glass pool fencing product catalogue or request a free quote .

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