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Installation Guide: How to Install a Deck Infill Balustrade Panel with a Cut Out

Installation Guide: How to Install a Deck Infill Balustrade Panel with a Cut Out

What is an infill panel? 

Infill panels are required sometimes where there are posts or walls, and are not usually mounted with spigots – they are instead mounted with D-shape ‘glass clips’. They are mirror-polished, marine grade 316 stainless steel, and fit to round or square posts, walls, and even other glass panels – both in line or at 90 degrees.

We recommend that you browse our range to find the clips you need.

Things to consider before getting started

Before getting started, it’s essential that you measure the dimensions of the area that needs to be filled. This can determine whether you can use a standard glass panel – assuming the gap follows standard dimensions – or will need a custom infill glass panel.

Depending on the size of the glass panel you need to install, you may need to ask a friend or neighbour to give you a hand in order for your installation to go smoothly. If in doubt, ask for help anyway, as this will help prevent any unsafe situations occurring when lifting the glass.

Steps to installing an infill panel

A custom infill glass panel will be required on a balustrade or pool fence when a panel is needed to fill a gap that is of non-standard dimensions, or needs a cut-out or contouring.

Once the standard fence or balustrade is in place, a template will be required to provide an exact copy of what is needed.

Prepare chock for the glass panel to rest on to match the existing panel’s height (usually 50mm). Mark approx. 100mm in on from the bottom and top of the existing glass panel with a Nikko or similar at all 4 corners – this is where the clips will go. On a vertical marked string line, screw the two glass clips in line with the Nikko marks to the timber using a SS 14g panhead screw 40mm in length.

For the next step, you will need sturdy clips that will be used to hold the panel in place. TGD offers a wide range of high quality fittings you can use that look great without breaking the bank. With the help of a buddy, position the infill panel into the loosely assembled clips and on top of the chock at the base. Using an Allen key, just ‘nip’ up the clips whilst your helper continues to support the glass panel.

The 90-degree corner brackets clamp the glass between rubber inserts and secured with Allen head countersink screws. Assemble and loosely fit these brackets to both panels – one top, one bottom on the Nikko marks – do not tighten yet!

Make final gap adjustments, checking alignment of any cut-outs etc.

  1. Check for squareness and tighten glass clips fully with an Allen key
  2. Remove the packing
  3. Handrail can now be fitted (see handrail installation document)

Taking care of your glass panels

Awesome work if you’ve made it this far! Now to make sure your hard work will look great for years to come, we’re going to go through some handy care and maintenance tips you can use to make sure your panels always look great.

First off, we recommend treating your glass panels with a protective coating. This will make cleaning the panels much easier as it will stop water, dirt and other nasties from staining and potentially damaging your panels. We recommend using EnduroShield, when applied by the TGD team it comes with a 10-year warranty so you can relax knowing your glass panels will be taken care of for the next decade.

Next, we suggest you wash and clean your panels every six months to maintain the look and quality of the glass. All you will need is warm water, dishwashing detergent, and a clean sponge to get a thorough clean. For a more detailed guide on cleaning your glass panels check out our guide here.

Wrapping up

Congratulations you’ve made it to the end! We hope this guide has been useful in explaining what infill panels actually are and how to set them up when they’re needed. If you still need a hand installing your infill panels, get in touch the friendly TGD team who can provide their experience and expertise to your project.

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