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Clean-up Crew: How Often Should I Clean My Glass Fences?

Clean-up Crew: How Often Should I Clean My Glass Fences?

Whether it’s the shower screen, the staircase or the pool fence, glass panels can get dirty. Fingerprints running along them, weather elements and water splash can mark the glass and indeed, have often proven to be a glass panels worst enemy. 

Glass is a wonderful element to use throughout your home, but just like every other area, it needs to be kept clean. As an added bonus, frequent cleaning will prolong the life of the glass, ensuring grime doesn’t build up.

Remember, you’ve installed these glass balustrades for a reason, and for many out there, it’s because they look elegant and sophisticated while keeping the space as open as possible. The cleaner the glass, the most aesthetically pleasing it will be.

Fear not though, it doesn’t take long and it doesn’t cost that much money because if you do it often enough, it won’t be too much work each time. Also, do it often enough and it will simply become a habit. This is especially true if the glass has been treated with glass protection shields, such as EnduroShield Glass Coating. This type of coating creates an invisible, protective barrier, repelling water and other foreign material and ultimately reducing cleaning time. Winning!

Tips and tricks

Of course, there are some quick things you can do to ensure your glass is always top notch.

  • Warm water and dishwashing detergent will become your best friends. Contrary to popular opinion, these two ingredients are actually the most effective and cost-effective method to clean your glass.
  • Avoid commercial glass cleaners as these often leave residue on the glass that will become harder to clean over time.
  • Use a soft-bristle broom to avoid scratching the glass.
  • If you live in an area with a high percentage of sea-salt spray, remember your glass may need more regular cleaning. it may even require a quick clean every fortnight to keep it in tip-top shape.
  • If any bird or animal droppings appear on the glass, try to clean it immediately. These can erode the glass and hardware so best not to leave it until your next clean.

Steps to take

  1. First, hose off the glass. This will remove any light blemishes and loose dust. The pressure from the hose will also help with this.
  2. Mix up the detergent with some warm water.
  3. Using the soft-bristle broom or brush, apply the mixture to the glass. Circular motions tend to be best. And a broom will save your back from aching.
  4. If there are tougher stains, you may need to use a sponge and a bit of muscle to remove them.
  5. Simply hose off the remaining residue. Do this as quickly as possible to avoid the detergent mixture from drying on the glass.
  6. Grab a squeegee to remove the excess water to avoid gaining watermarks all over your panels.

This will generally be enough to ensure the glass is kept spick and span throughout the year. Especially if you schedule a regular cleaning. Do a thorough clean at least every six months, but consider doing the above steps on a monthly basis to ensure there is a limited build-up of grime.

Don’t forget the framing

For those who have a completely frameless panel of glass, excellent. This will require less cleaning and less maintenance. However, this won’t always be possible or even affordable for everyone.

So, for those who don’t have completely frameless, don’t forget to clean the posts and railings. This is where a lot of the grime can build up as there are quite a few nooks and crannies for dirt to get caught in. Use a soft cloth to wipe them down often. If need be, and if the framing material allows for it, use warm water and dishwashing detergent to wipe down the posts. Don’t use anything abrasive as this will scratch the metal. And remember to always thoroughly clean the surface with water to ensure everything has been washed away.

Keep it clean

Glass is porous by nature. This means it will absorb almost everything that comes into contact with it. In addition to this, glass panels are actually slightly uneven, albeit the troughs are hidden to the human eye. However, dirt, bacteria and mineral build-up can become caught in these imperfections. The longer you leave these between cleaning, the harder it will be to remove. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure you’re cleaning your glass at regular intervals. Not only will it help with grime build up, but it also means the more you do it, the easier it will be each and every time.

While glass looks spectacular, it’s not a no-maintenance material. Every element in your home will need an occasional clean and glass is no different. The key though is to do it regularly as this will help avoid grime build-up and ensure each time you clean will be as pain-free as possible.

Need some Glass Cleaning Help?

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