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How to Remove Core Drill Spigots

How to Remove Core Drill Spigots

There are many reasons why you may need to remove old core spigots. For instance, if you want to extend your pool’s fenced area, your current spigots are of poor quality and corroded or they are made from aluminium.

Whatever the reason, upgrading to TGD’s superior 2205 stainless steel spigots can be easily achieved using the exact same technique and tools required to install them afterwards! 

In addition to a hammer and cold chisel, prepare a core-drilling machine with a 78mm dia. coring bit.

Masking tape, running water and hose:


  • Remove the glass panel from the spigot/s and store it safely
  • Remove the spigot dress plate and wrap the spigot in masking tape for protection from the corer if you are re-fitting or keeping the spigot
  • Carefully position the corer over the spigot and align with the existing hole (if this is not possible, refer to the use of a wooden cutting template in the “Core Drilling Guide”
  • Begin core drilling carefully, avoiding sideways motion.
  • Drill to depth of approx. 125mm
  • Remove the core as per the “Guide” by wedging a cold chisel into the saw gap and breaking the core off by tapping the chisel (or large flat blade screwdriver)
  • Lift out the spigot
  • The thin layer of grout left on the spigot can now be chipped off with blows from a hammer or screwdriver if it is to be re-used
  • When the spigot is clean again, remove the protective tape, wash with warm soapy water and store

For further information on caring for your spigots, stainless steel hardware and glass panels, refer to the following documents:

Don’t forget that DIY kits of EnduroShield can dramatically cut down your cleaning and maintenance of glass panels and stainless brightwork.


This document is provided by Trade Glass Depot as information only. Since all sites are different, expert advice should be sought for each project.

Need some help removing that Core Drill Spigot?

Trade Glass Depot can provide you with the expert advice and assistance you need to remove that pesky old core drill spigot with relative ease. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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