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Maintain the safety of your pool area.

Pool owners have a responsibility to maintain the safety of their pool area. If you are considering building a pool, or already have one installed on your property, it’s important to make sure you follow your state’s specific pool fence regulations and laws.

Insufficient pool fencing is a major factor that contributes to the preventable drownings of many children under 5 years old, so it’s important that you comply by all set regulations and take the safety precautions necessary to protect young children. Note: The pool fencing laws on this page relate only to NSW, as the laws vary between other Australian states and territories.

Pool fencing laws

The regulations for pool fencing vary according to where your pool is located and when it was built.

  • Pools built prior to 1 August 1990: Pool access from the house must be restricted at all times. Doors and windows may form part of this barrier, as long as they are compliant with restriction guidelines (this is no longer permitted for any new pools being built).
  • Pools built between 1 August 1990 and 1 July 2010: All pools must be enclosed by a fence separating the pool from the house. Exemptions may apply to certain properties, including small properties (under 230 metres squared), large properties (2 hectares or more), or waterfront properties.
  • Pools built after 1 July 2010: All new pools must be enclosed by a fence that separates the pool area from the house.

Make your pool fence compliant

According to NSW state law, a pool fence must:

  • Be a minimum 1200mm tall (measured from ground level).
  • Not leave any gaps larger than 100mm between the ground and the bottom of the fence.
  • Not leave any gaps of over 100mm between vertical fence bars.
  • If fencing contains horizontal climbable bars, they must be spaced at least 900mm apart.

Non-climbable zone

To stop children from climbing over a pool fence, pool owners must ensure they maintain a non-climbable zone around the pool. The non-climbable zone is measured as an arc shape extending from the top of the pool fence, and extending towards the ground. This zone disallows any objects, trees or shrubbery to exist within 900mm of this area, and also includes the space extending 300mm from the fence inside the pool area.

Gate closure and maintenance

Pool fences should always be well maintained to stop children from drowning or becoming seriously injured.

Pool gates should always swing outwards (away from the pool area), close automatically without having to be pushed, and automatically lock when closed. Gates should never be left propped open by an object and must remain shut at all times. All screws, fasteners and bolts must be tight and in good working order. Self closing gate latches and hinges should be lubricated in order to ensure they continue to function automatically. If you’re looking at installing a pool, Trade Glass Depot have the complete glass pool fencing solution to meet your needs. All of the glass pool panels that Trade Glass Depot produce undergo a very strict quality testing process to make sure they not only meet, but exceed national safety regulations. If you have any queries regarding pool fencing in your NSW home, talk to our expert team at Trade Glass Depot today. We can provide you with information and assistance to ensure that your glass pool fence meets the strict Australian requirements. More information in regards to pool fencing regulations in NSW can be found on the NSW Fair Trading website.

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