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Maintain the safety of your pool area.

If you have a pool in your yard, or want to install one, maintaining the safety of your swimming pool area is a must. It’s crucial that all pool owners follow the specific pool fence regulations and laws in their state.

When you have pool fencing that isn’t safe, you risk putting the lives of children under 5 years of age in grave danger as they could open or climb over the fence and drown in the pool. To prevent this from happening, you should adhere to all regulations and take the necessary safety precautions. Please bear in mind that the laws on pool fencing outlined on this page are for Victoria only, considering that they differ in other Australian states and territories.

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Swimming pool and fencing requirements

All swimming pools and fencing should comply with the following requirements:

  • Pools with a depth of more than 300mm should have a permanent safety fence or barrier that meets the Australian Standard.
  • Pool fencing must be made from durable material, e.g. steel, timber or glass.
  • Safety fences shouldn’t be installed close to trees, BBQs or other structures that young children could use to climb up and over to access the pool. Objects that young children can use to climb into the pool should be moved away from the fence, like pot plants and chairs.
  • Pool fences must be free from footholds or handholds that could be used to access the pool.
  • Windows that open onto the pool area should have child-resistant metal screens or bars and can only be opened no more than 125mm.

Some requirements for pool fencing differ according to when your pool was built.

  • Pools built before 8 April 1991: Swimming pools must have safety barriers that comply with Part 7 Division 1 of the Regulations.
  • Pools built between 8 April 1991 and 1 May 2010: All pools should be fitted with a child-resistant door that forms part of the continuous safety barrier and can self-latch and self-close.
  • Pools built after 1 May 2010: All outdoor pools mustn’t have direct access to the pool area through a door from the house or garage.
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Dimensions and measurements

In Victoria, a pool fence must:

  • Have a height of no less than 1200mm.
  • If there are any boundary fences used as a safety barrier, these shouldn’t be less than 1800mm and should have a non-climbable zone with a 900mm radius down from the top of the inside of the barrier.
  • The height of any opening between the ground and the bottom of the fence mustn’t be more than 100mm.
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Gate closure and maintenance

Pool gates should be self-latching and self-closing, swing outwards from the pool area, and never be propped open.

Make sure that all gates or doors providing access to the pool area are always closed, except when entering or leaving the area. If there are any faults in pool gates, doors and windows (e.g. latches, self-closers, catches, bolts and flyscreens), repair them immediately. Every 3 years, have your pool and fencing inspected by a registered building surveyor or inspector to ensure they comply with regulations and are safe.

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Glass pool fencing

If you want to build a swimming pool, talk to our expert team at Trade Glass Depot and find out how we can help you make sure the pool fencing on your Victorian property fits within state regulations. Our glass pool fencing, including panels and fixtures, go through a very strict quality testing process so that they meet and exceed national safety regulations. You can also visit the for current and comprehensive information on pool fencing regulations in Victoria.

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