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Tgd Checklist - Custom Glass Panel Templating

Tgd Checklist - Custom Glass Panel Templating

If you’re installing glass balustrading on your own, creating glass templates is important to correctly measure and fit the custom glass panels.

Glass templates are essential for non-standard glass sizes, as shaped glass and proper fit is crucial to the needs of any custom glass project. Making a balustrade template using timber will allow you to obtain the exact measurements before installing your glass panels.

Why this checklist is needed

Use this checklist to properly template and fit custom glass panels for your project. Carefully following this checklist and guide will minimize any errors, improve delivery, and make the process of installation a lot more time and cost-effective. Using your templates will ensure that the final product is exactly as you require.

Potential pitfalls if this checklist isn’t followed

Due to the nature of glass paneling and custom fitting, measurements need to be exact. Not following this checklist provided can result in an unsafe installation or the potential failure of the structural integrity of your balustrading. Knowing your budget, the tools and requirements you need, and measuring your templates will ensure the timely, correct installation of your panels and the longevity of your finished project. Following this checklist will minimize any mistakes or errors, saving you time, money and resources.

Checklist - Design & planning

  • Set a rough budget
  • Read the TGD articles and blogs about custom glass panels
  • Establish the requirements for the bottom of the stairs/steps (to match the existing run)
  • Establish the requirements for the top of the stairs/steps (to match the existing run)
  • Give the fixing areas a health check – especially if they are step tread ends
  • Check that your stairs/steps have standard dimensions (180-190mm between the top surface of each stair or step (‘THE RISE’) and a tread depth of 240-250mm, excluding any overhang (‘THE GOING’))
  • Measure your TOTAL ‘RISE’ (floor to top of deck or landing)
  • Measure your TOTAL ‘GOING’ (from the tip of the first step/tread to the tip of the deck/landing floor)
  • Size check: as you calculate how many panels you will use/want, bear in mind that the largest panel (measured diagonally) that can be delivered on a regular truck with a tailgate is 1300mm x 1900mm after crating. This means the glass panel can be no larger than 2000mm. Smaller (lighter) panels are significantly easier to handle. Larger panels can be made locally and may be directly shipped from our glass supplier
  • Have the top and bottom of the stairs/steps completed or mocked up/templated to a high degree of confidence. (see standard balustrade panels guide
  • Do you need the bottom to be open? Remember that there is a '1000mm rule: you need not have balustrade on the bottom of steps or stairs when the height from the ground to the tread is less than 1000mm – usually the last 4 or 5 stairs. This is of particular value where there is a small landing or 90degree turn
  • Mount your templating material
  • Trim the templating material to desired height
  • Mark the panel gaps (usually 50mm) and exactly where the 20mm dia. holes will need to be if ordering pin fix side mount – refer to the our custom panel templating guide
  • Mark the contours of your steps if they are to be cut out, not forgetting the gap
  • Remove material and cut material to new panel sizes and shapes
  • Refit the panels as if they were the real glass panels and look for measurement errors and correct level and plumb*
  • Visualise the handrail of choice
  • Call TGD to organise your order and delivery of your templates
  • Don’t forget to save yourself up to 90% of the cleaning time with a factory sprayed protective coating of EnduroShield

*REMEMBER - a TEMPLATE is a TEMPLATE, so it will be made exactly to the sizes you submit.

IMPORTANT: Do not mark up a template with “add 10mm here” or “move this hole up 5mm” etc.

Need help improving your templating?

By following the checklist outlined above, you can ensure that your glass inserts will fit correctly. These templates and measurements are also required to get a price quotation on your custom glass panels. By providing us with correct templating measurements, we can create the custom glass paneling you require with fast & easy installation.

While templating is possible to do entirely on your own, you may need further assistance. In this instance, you can contact us with your enquiry, and we’ll be happy to help.

Trade Glass Depot are professionals in custom cut glass. If you are designing & planning your custom glass project, we can help you. The team at TGD have a wealth of expert knowledge and are always happy to assist with your custom glass templating. Call us today on 1300 889 375.

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