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Guide to Installing Your Own Pool Fence

Guide to Installing Your Own Pool Fence

Great news – there’s nothing quite as satisfying as installing your own glass pool fence project. 

DIY installation is straightforward with TGD’s expert advice and detailed guides and tips, so not only will you benefit from substantial savings but you can work at your own pace, suffer no time restraints, and complete the job all on your own terms.

TGD will supply you with fully tested and competitively priced products of the highest quality, and can guide you through the whole install process. We can even work out what you need from just a plan or sketch!

Here’s the typical order of events:

  • Plan the fence and make sure your deck or slab is in good order, we recommend following this checklist to stay on track
  • With TGD’s help, design a compliant barrier and conduct a pre-order trial layout
  • Place the order, get your delivery date and have a helper ready to assist in unloading on the day
  • Clear your delivery area and prepare the required tools, safety equipment and materials to protect the glass upon its arrival
  • Mark the job out and begin your installation with the fence panel
  • With all the panels installed, conduct a final check and adjustments for alignment and square

Clean the panels, and have your pool’s fencing certified.

What can go wrong with self-installing your glass pool fencing?

Installing your own glass pool fence can save you cash, but it can be overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. With a small amount of planning, the correct tools and a ‘buddy’ for assistance, everything will run smoothly. 

We’ll go through some of the common problems DIYs run into when installing their own pool fence, so you don’t get any nasty surprises once you get started.

Core drill catastrophes

  • Immediately hose off slurry from core drilling, as it will stain if allowed to dry
  • During very high temperatures, instant grout can cure so quickly that it can set in your bucket! To avoid this time-consuming and costly problem, mix up only enough for 4 spigots at a time (a new bucket is sufficient for 12-14 core spigots) with the coolest water available - and have a helper clean up any drips or excess immediately after you pour. Similarly, in very cold temperatures, warm water can be used to mix the grout in order to speed the curing time up
  • Mis-alignment will only occur if your preparation is poor – take your time and don’t pour your grout until you are 100% happy with your square and plumb. 

Base mount blunders

  • Under-deck noggins are fitted to provide adequate support and strength for the edges of the timber structure – ensure yours are in good condition and are in the correct location for each spigot
  • Alignment of the spigots with the chalk line is crucial: keep a keen eye on this to prevent misaligned spigots which can ultimately put pressure on a panel and cause breakage
  • If your pilot drilling isn’t accurate, true and deep enough then the end result will need rework.  

Safety setbacks

  • Toughened glass will shatter if it comes into contact with a harder substance such as concrete, steel, brick, or even another piece of fencing glass. Keep your panels dry, store and protect them well, and have a buddy assist in handling panels
  • Overlooking a fixed climbable object or a regulation at the planning stage can become a costly re-work problem at sign-off time, so make sure you take the time to check that you are compliant with your state’s pool fencing regulations.

Ready to install your own glass pool fence? At Trade Glass Depot we provide industry approved and accredited experts that can offer their knowledge and experience to help your DIY project go as smoothly as possible. Get in touch with us today for a free quote. 

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