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DIY Ways to Improve Your Backyard Pool

DIY Ways to Improve Your Backyard Pool

Improving your backyard pool area can be a fun DIY project. Not only can expanding on your pool area make summer even more fun for the family, but it’s also a good way to make any necessary safety updates. Having a fresh, modern pool area can also add value to your home. Creating your dream backyard pool can include adding new fixtures such as a diving board or even a fountain, as well as refreshing the area with new tiling and accessories. Continue reading to find out what simple DIY changes you can make to improve your backyard pool in time for the warmer months. 

Upgrade to glass frameless pool fencing

In order to enhance the style of your backyard pool while adding important safety features to protect the family, look to glass pool fencing. Pool fencing is a legal requirement for all Australian pools, regardless of whether or not you have small children or pets. 

Glass fencing provides 100% visibility, meaning children and pets can be supervised easily from either side of the pool fence. Glass pool fencing is also durable and easy to maintain, since it is made out of toughened safety glass designed to resist the elements and comply with Australian Standards

Glass pool fencing also instantly modernises a pool. If you have an outdated pool area or tired-looking fencing, consider installing glass fencing for an instant facelift. When choosing the style of fence, don’t forget to factor in your surroundings to get the most out of your fencing. Glass panels can help to enhance surrounding views and also make the pool look even more bright and appealing. Frameless fencing is a popular choice since it provides completely unobstructed views of the pool and surrounds. 

Redo pool tiles

If your pool area is tired or suffering from wear & tear, consider re-doing your pool tiles as a simple DIY fix to improve things. Just like pool fencing, choosing pool tiles comes down to personal taste. 

Here are some pool tile ideas that are popular choices for improving the look of any backyard pool:

  • Mosaic tiles - Create a fun and unique pool area by using different styles and colours of tiles to create a mosaic in any pattern you choose!
  • Glass tiles - Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, glass pool tiles can create a luminous pool area. The reflective surface makes pools appear even brighter. 
  • Stone tiles - For an earthy finish to your pool, you may choose to use natural stone pool tiles. Frame with natural greenery and stones around your pool area for an elegant yet rustic look. 

Install a diving board

Up the fun factor by adding a diving board to your pool! Even though it may seem like a complex project, it can easily be done DIY. Just remember to follow pool safety standards when doing so.

Diving boards can range from small platforms to Olympic-sized diving towers, but for the home backyard, consider the following:

  • Springboards - A springboard is a good option if you have a relatively large or deep pool area, since there’s a risk of injury with the added height propelled by the springs. 
  • Platform - Families may prefer the use of a small platform or block where the base is fixed to the ground. 
  • Mock rock/boulder - This is a creative form of a platform board. Picture a large rock or stone jutting out from a waterfall where people jump off into the water below. You can create the same fun and natural look at home!

Adding a waterfall

A swimming pool is fantastic on its own, but to really add the ‘wow’ factor why not think about installing a fake waterfall? A swimming pool with a waterfall can be a great focal piece as well as wonderful fun for the family. 
You should make sure to choose elements that blend well with your backyard’s natural surroundings so it doesn’t appear too artificial. Also, ensure the size of the waterfall complements your existing pool, as too large or too small a water feature can make your pool look out of scale. From fountain style to a rain curtain to a water wall, work with your existing pool to find the best waterfall feature for you.

Install pool jets

What better way to improve your backyard pool by making it feel like a holiday resort than by installing pool jets? Pool jets provide an added element of practicality, especially if you have a plunge pool or small backyard pool. Pool jets can provide resistance training for swimmers, act as a water feature, or used as a spa feature for relaxation. They are also fairly simple to install as a DIY project. It’s possible to purchase swim spa kits with all you need to add a spa to your existing pool, as well as pool jet pumps to install in your plunge pool, providing the ability to swim despite having limited space.

In-pool chaise

Chaise lounges are the perfect addition to any pool area. Laying out on a chaise lounge by the pool is relaxing and comfortable and requires no effort when it comes to adding it to your outdoor furniture set. But to add a little more interest, consider an in-pool chaise lounge. These chaise lounges are designed to be placed on your pool’s tanning ledge or wet deck, allowing you to relax and sunbathe while keeping your feet and seat cool by the lapping water. 

Upgrade your pool area today

Improving your backyard pool doesn’t have to mean carrying out a complete overhaul or expensive renovation project. These simple DIY changes can be done anytime and will instantly modernise your existing pool. The best part about making DIY improvements to your pool is that you get to reap all your hard work afterwards!
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