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What Spigot Should I Use - and Why?

What Spigot Should I Use - and Why?

The job of the spigot is to suspend and clamp a toughened glass pool panel or balustrade panel without the need other frames or posts which can inhibit your view. Both our premium ‘Pro’ and budget ‘Value’ range of square and round profile spigots are manufactured from the highest quality marine grade 2205 stainless steel and are polished to a mirror finish which will not attract deposits – and only require the minimum of maintenance. Matching 316 stainless steel raised and flat spigot cover plates are included in our prices.

Base mount spigots on a deck

Core drilled spigot on a balcony

Base Mount or Core Drill?

If your glass panel project is on a concrete base, you will need to mount your glass using ‘core drill’ spigots. These spigots are fitted into the concrete by drilling a core hole for each one and setting it in place with a structural grout. We recommend Epirez cement-based instant grout which provides final mounting points just as strong as concrete with clean lines for a great look. ‘Base Mount’ spigots are typically used on timber decking and tiled fibre-cement flooring and fixed using the base-plate of the spigot and fixing hardware suitable to your application.

Base Mount spigots can be used on concrete if required, but TGD recommends the use of core drill spigots since drainage fall is harder to adjust for with Base Mount.

2205 stainless steel base mount spigots with 316SS domed covers

Round or Square?

Before you choose between the highly polished, matt black, round or square profile spigot, keep the following in mind:

  • Do you want to match up to any existing spigots?
  • Does your surrounding area have round or square columns?
  • Are there any supporting posts or features?

Deck final fitment

Final clean up of a grout-secured core spigot

2205 vs 316 Stainless Steel

Trade Glass Depot specify 2205 stainless steel for our spigots because it even outperforms 316SS in strength and with regard to its corrosion resistance. Saltwater pitting and any corrosion caused by fatigue and stress in this application is also minimised. 2205 also has a lower thermal expansion rate and higher energy absorption compared to 316SS, making it the ideal stainless alloy for use as a spigot. These factors ensure our choice of materials will give you the quality needed for a safe and durable pool fence or balustrade.


All Trade Glass Depot spigots are independently tested here in Australia to Australian Standards. Trade Glass Depot’s range of glass panel spigots are engineered to satisfy all of the industry load and strength tests while able to withstand the elements and continue to look stylish year after year, no matter what environment they live in. In addition, TGD’s tight quality control on all of our products means that our spigots are material tested in our warehouse to positively identify Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel. This PMI testing ensures no manufacturing or stock error is possible and the correct specification is always installed.

‘Pro’ Spigots

TGD’s top quality strongest spigots are the ‘Pro’ range spigots. Manufactured from Duplex 2205 stainless steel, Pro spigots not only pass the stringent NATA tests, but they exceed expected test results. ‘Pro’ spigots can be used in cyclone and high wind areas providing that extra assurance of dependability. Available in core-drill and base-mounted versions, ‘Pro’ spigots are highly polished to a mirror-finish and are supplied with a flat or raised dress plate in 316 stainless steel as required.

‘Value’ Spigots

Suitable for pool fencing only is our ‘Value’ spigots. They look and function no differently from the ‘Pro’ spigots but are cleverly engineered to pass the NATA tests with the reduced weight of the material and therefore less cost to the customer. Like the ‘Pro’ range, they are available in round or square profile, as a core-drill or base-mount unit and are highly polished from Duplex 2205 stainless steel. Also supplied with suitable dress plates in 316 stainless steel.

In-house testing of our systems

Whichever spigots you choose, you can be safe in the knowledge that TGD only supply the strongest and most corrosion resistant products which pass and exceed the strict engineering tests required to provide a safe and stylish way to support your glass barrier.

Every Spigot is batch tested in our Australian warehouse, ensuring the correct stainless steel has been used for all of our products. TGD has invested heavily in a portable testing system to positively identify material batches, which highlights our across-the-board commitment to Quality Control.

Check out our Glass Hardware range for more information on the right spigot for your situation.

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