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Why EnduroShield Needs to be a Part of Your Glass Cleaning Kit

Why EnduroShield Needs to be a Part of Your Glass Cleaning Kit

Does anyone actually enjoy cleaning? Sure, there are some people who find it therapeutic and gratifying - but for most of us out there, cleaning is a chore we’d rather not be chained down by. Glass around the home can get dirty very quickly though.

Whether it’s shower screens, balustrades or the pool fence, there are plenty of factors that can create bacteria and dirt build-up. Fingerprints, weather elements and even water splash can not only mark the glass but also affect the quality of the glass if it’s not cleaned properly.

So, with all of this in mind, wouldn’t it be nice to have a product that cuts down cleaning time dramatically?

Introducing EnduroShield

EnduroShield is a clean coating that creates a shield on your glass, tiles, grout, stainless steel or chrome surface. It is sprayed onto the surface and then polished in, meaning it’s a permanent non-stick barrier to ward off germs, stains, water, oil and other harmful factors that can cause build-up on your surface. Best of all, EnduroShield reduces your cleaning time by 90% - and that’s a serious win in our books!

How does it work?

Rather than simply being sprayed onto the surface, EnduroShield permanently bonds to the material. It doesn’t need any products for upkeep and won’t be removed by cleaning products. In fact,it will only be removed by abrasion or strong alkalis. Instead of soaking into your glass surface, water and other spills bead up on top of the coating and hand prints are much easier to wipe off. Best of all, the coating (being only two molecules thick and totally transparent) will not crack or discolour over time.

Essentially, the protective coating means water and rain will roll off the surface, meaning it’s much easier to clean when the time comes. Importantly, EnduroShield is not a cleaner, but rather a preventative maintenance treatment.

Where can it be used?

Whether you’re moving into a new home, renovating or simply want to update your surfaces, EnduroShield can be used in most areas of the home. According to EnduroShield, it can even be installed in cases where glass is permanently stained, and it may be able to restore the glass back to near new condition.

But it’s not just for glass! EnduroShield can be applied to tiles and grout, including floor tiles, as the coating will not make the surface slippery. It can also be used on stainless steel and chrome surfaces.

When it comes to glass, the protective coating can be used on windows, balustrades, shower screens, mirrors, pool fences and even splash backs. It’s fantastic in the kitchen to help protect your surfaces from food spills such as oils, dressings and meat.

The benefits

  1. Ease cleaning time – Of course, the number one benefit of EnduroShield is that it cuts cleaning time by up to 90%. The best way to think of the protective coating is that it’s like a non-stick frying pan. The coating on the frying pan prevents sticking, making the clean-up process much easier. Ditto with EnduroShield. While you still have to clean your glass, there’s no scrubbing, hard water stains or soap scum to deal with. The coating prevents the dirt from forming in the first place!
  2. Easier cleaning – As we mentioned previously, EnduroShield is not a cleaning product, but rather a maintenance treatment. Your glass still needs to be cleaned. However, usually, it’s a matter of grabbing a damp microfibre cloth and mild detergent and giving your glass a soft wipe down. This will help remove dirt and grime from the glass, and will also prevent build-up.
  3. It lasts – EnduroShield is not a short-term fix. Testing has proven that EnduroShield can last over 10 years, meaning your cleaning hours will dramatically be reduced for the better part of a decade.
  4. Protects the glass – Other than making it super easy to clean, EnduroShield also protects the surface from grime, soap scum, body oils, dirt, chlorine spray and salt. If the minerals can’t latch onto the glass, they can’t affect it. It also repels water and oil-based stains, meaning it’s perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.
  5. Germ-free environment – Without all that bacteria around, you’ll enjoy a safer environment, free from germs and other harmful minerals.

Using EnduroShield to cut your glass cleaning time

 Glass is porous by nature and can attract dirt and bacteria if not treated and cleaned properly. But we all acknowledge that cleaning any glass surface can be painful and time-consuming. EnduroShield, however, can do all the hard work for you, simply by being applied to the glass. And you reap all the rewards!

 Now that you know all the benefits of Enduroshield, you might be wondering where you could purchase a bottle... At Trade Glass Depot, we sell EnduroShield at a price that is fair for you. Check out the EnduroShield product page and purchase today!

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