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Understanding Your Glass Gate Hardware

Understanding Your Glass Gate Hardware

Trade Glass Depot have every all the combination you’ll ever need to hinge, swing and latch your glass panel gate, whether it’s on your pool fence or balustrade. 

If cost is important

The most cost-effective solution for your project will most likely be a 180degree latch with a pair of spring hinges. If your project requires a more complicated gate/s set up, keep in mind the addition of posts and wall-fixing will not only increase the base cost of the hardware, it will also take much longer to complete the job. Although costs will be further increased with the use of Polaris Soft-Close hydraulic hinges, they are maintenance-free, state-of-the art engineered and prestigious.

Tips for planning and designing

  • The simplest setup is usually the best 
  • Corner-in and corner-out latches can be a little more tricky to set up 
  • Polaris soft-close hydraulic hinges are the leaders in their field
  • If you choose black spigots and handrail, only hydraulic hinges are available in black
  • Be careful not to over-tighten the grub screws on glass-mounted latches

Latch & Lock Options:


Left: Open
Right: Closed



Left: Open
Right: Closed


Square Post

Left: Open
Right: Closed

Round Post

Left: Open

Right: Closed

Wall Mount

Left: Open

Right: Closed

Glass-to-Glass 180° Hinge

Left: Open Right: Closed

Wall (or Square Post)-to-Glass Hinge

Wall or Post (Closed)

Round Post-to-Glass Hinge


Glass-to-Glass 180° Hydraulic Hinge


Glass-to-Wall Hydraulic Hinge


Want to know more?

Still unsure which hinge and latch combination to go for? Give our Sales team a call to discuss further your needs regarding our Glass Hardware. Trade Glass Depot offer a complete take-off service from sketches, drawings and photos. Contact us now using this guide as a reference.

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