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How to Choose the Ideal Balustrade For Your Home

How to Choose the Ideal Balustrade For Your Home

Balustrades are a form of fencing that serves as an important safety feature. Mostly used on stairs, decks, patios, and balconies, a balustrade can also be an attractive design feature. Choosing the correct type of balustrade can affect a room or a building’s style. Since balustrades are often a focal point in any room, you should take some careful consideration before choosing your ideal balustrade. 

The importance of a balustrade

The foremost aim and purpose of a balustrade is to provide protection. One of the most important aspects a balustrade serves is security and safety by preventing you and your loved ones from falling from the stairs. A balustrade also gives strength and integrity to your staircase and is often a cost-effective fix for squeaky or creaking stairs. A well-fitted and maintained balustrade provides peace of mind, eliminating the risk of any accidents and also providing aesthetic value to your stairs or home.

No matter the material used, balustrades are a grand sight. Glass or stainless steel adds a sophisticated touch to your staircase or platform, so if your staircase or balcony is looking tired or detracts from the rest of your home, then a balustrade can instantly take it to the next level; increasing the resale value of your home at the same time.

Different examples of balustrades

As vital as a balustrade serves as a safety function, they are also an integral part of your decor. The material and style you choose for your balustrade will depend on the aesthetic of your home and the function it will ultimately serve. Reasons could be purely aesthetic, or to meet regulatory requirements for your building, or to merely address safety concerns.

Glass balustrades are a popular choice among homeowners. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing and contemporary, but they greatly open up a space. Glass balustrades can be ideal for areas where you want to maximise space and views. For example, outdoor balconies or patios benefit from a glass balustrade by providing uninterrupted views.

Stainless steel wire balustrades offer the flexibility of customisation, making them another good choice for homes. With stainless steel balustrades, the hand rails can be powder-coated in a colour to match your home. They are also great for balconies since there’s minimal obstruction to views.

Whether you have a modern home or a traditional home, you can get balustrades custom made and fitted to suit. Traditional styles of balustrades will often include materials like timber, wrought iron, cast iron, and stone. These are more suited to exterior balustrades for outdoor patios, decking, or garden stairs. Modern homes often suit frameless glass balustrading with stainless steel fixings. If you are installing balustrading outdoors, it’s crucial that you choose a balustrade that’s manufactured with weather-resistant materials. Protective coatings can also be applied to help your balustrades last longer.

What to consider when choosing your ideal balustrade

The type of balustrade you choose for your indoor or outdoor staircase will ultimately depend on the following considerations:

  • Safety: Staircases carry the risk of accident or injury from falling. If you have small children or pets, then safety will be an integral focus. While all balustrading provides a degree of safety, some offer more protection than others. Glass balustrades have panels in place to stop any risk of falling or tripping over the edge of the staircase or balcony. Timber or steel balustrades also offer added protection, with both aesthetic appeal and sturdiness.
  • Maintenance: An important consideration when choosing balustrading is the ease of maintenance. Before choosing the type of balustrade, research the material and how easy it is to maintain long-term. Glass, wire, and stainless steel balustrades are usually the most low-maintenance, requiring only occasional cleaning. Steel balustrades may require a top coat after a few years, while timber balustrades will need to be constantly maintained and treated to keep them in good condition. Before choosing, ask your installer:
    • “Does the surface need constant cleaning or rust protection?”
    • “Are the wires self-tensioning?”
    • “What does the warranty cover?”
    • “What’s the cost of repairing or replacing the balustrades?”
  • Aesthetic: What style or ‘wow factor’ are you hoping to achieve? When choosing a balustrade, you should have some idea of the style and overall visual appeal you desire. Some questions to ask yourself include:
    • Are you seeking a sleek, modern style? If so, frameless glass balustrading may be what you need.
    • Are you requiring balustrading for a staircase? Balcony? Or even as a Juliet balcony to open up an upper-storey bedroom?
    • Is your home modern in appearance or more traditional?
    • Will you be installing the balustrades indoors or outdoors?
    • What style or material of balustrading will best improve the existing space?
  • Strength and durability: Balustrades must be durable and strong. To guarantee you’re getting the highest-quality balustrading, opt to buy them from a reputable supplier like Trade Glass Depot.

Choosing the right balustrade for your home

Now that you know what balustrades are and how they serve as an important function within your home, you can have a better idea of what style to choose. There are a number of ways balustrading can improve the value and appearance of your home, and they’re a fairly cost-effective solution that doesn’t take too long to install. Providing safety, functionality, and style, balustrading covers many bases and can transform any space into a sophisticated area that compliments your existing furniture and decor.

Need help choosing the perfect balustrade?

Looking to add a glass balustrade to your stairs? We’d love to chat to see how we can help to ensure that you get the best balustrade design that’s perfect for your home. Get in touch with us at Trade Glass Depot today!

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