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Pool Fencing Regulations In Australia

If you’re thinking of installing a swimming pool, or you already have one built on your property, it’s very important that you follow Australia’s strict pool fencing laws and regulations, as outlined in the Australian Standard for Swimming Pool Fencing (AS1936). Some of the restrictions may seem appear excessive, but they’ve been put in place to reduce the many accidental deaths caused by drowning that occur every year, in particular with children under the age of 5. All the glass panels produced and sold by Trade Glass Depot undergo a very strict quality testing process to ensure they meet and exceed national safety regulations. While there are some differences in requirements between states and territories, there are some universal pool fencing regulations across Australia that all pool owners should abide by to ensure people are safe when on their property.

A guide to nation-wide pool fencing regulations

Here are the pool fencing regulations that apply across Australia:
  • Dimensions: The height of the pool fence should be at least 1200mm from ground level. The gap between the ground and the bottom of the fence, as well as any gaps between panels or palings, mustn’t be more than 100mm.
  • Material: Pool fencing should be made from durable material. This includes steel, timber and glass. There must be no damage, holes, or cracks in the material that makes up the structure.
  • Gates: The pool gates should swing outwards away from the pool. It must also be fitted with a self-closing latch that’s on the poolside of the fence so anyone that enters the pool area would need to reach over the gate to open it. If the latch is on the outside of the fence it must stand at least 1550mm off the ground.
  • Outside the pool area: There mustn’t be anything around the pool fence that young children could use to climb on and enter the pool area, such as trees, footholds, handholds, furniture, BBQs, and so on. Keep any items positioned at least 900mm away from the pool fence.
  • Maintenance: Pool fences should be well maintained. Any damage to pool fencing must be rectified immediately.

State-specific pool fencing regulations

For more specific information on pool fencing regulations in your state, click on the relevant link below:

Glass pool fencing

If you have any questions, you can also speak with our team of experts at Trade Glass Depot – we have extensive experience and the necessary knowledge to ensure your glass pool fencing meets the strict Australian requirements.

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