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Quality Testing Process

To ensure we provide you with products that are exceptional in quality and ensure maximum safety, all of Trade Glass Depot’s glass panels and hardware undergo a stringent quality testing process. This is undertaken by a compliant third party company who is certified by the NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities), to maintain an unbiased and untainted review. Every panel you purchase from Trade Glass Depot has passed and exceeded all tests, with a quality stamp to verify they meet the Australian Standard regulations for safety and compliance.

What are the glass panels and hardware tested for?

There are a number of factors that are tested for, with the basis for all tests being load bearing abilities. The checklist of elements to look for includes:
  • All products must be glazed and fixed as per the relevant Australian Standards and Codes
  • A rod passes through the fitted testing frame (see images below), which is fitted with a special instrument that measures force
  • Specific forces in Kilonewtons (kN) are applied to the glass panels to ensure they can withstand a high amount of pressure from, for example, something heavy falling on them, without them shattering or being damaged
Horizontal Loading Quality TestHorizontal loading
Vertical Loading Quality TestVertical loading

What conditions are your products suited to?

To provide an example of the durability and strength of our glass panels, those pictured above were found to withhold over 200kg of force when applied vertically and horizontally. Most products hold a C3 cyclone rating. To find out more about our quality testing process, or for any information about our complete range of glass fencing and balustrade products, call us today on 1300 186 997.