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Pool Fencing Regulations in South Australia

As a pool owner, you’re responsible for maintaining the safety of your pool area. If you’re thinking of building a pool, or you already have one installed on your property, you need to make sure you follow the pool fence regulations and laws specific to your state. Inadequate pool fencing is one of the major reasons why many children under the age of 5 drown, which could have been prevented. It’s vitally important that you comply with all set regulations and take the necessary safety measures to protect young children from drowning. The pool fencing laws outlined on this page pertain to South Australia only, as the laws differ in other Australian states and territories. TGD_latch

Swimming pool and fencing requirements

All pools should have a safety barrier that restricts young children from accessing the pool. For a new pool, fencing must be installed before filling it with water. Fencing should be permanent and act as an effective barrier to young children. Young children also shouldn’t be able to crawl underneath the fence or climb over it with the use of footholds and handholds.

Legal obligations when selling a property with a pool

If you’re selling a property that has a pool, the requirements for pool fencing differ according to when the pool was built.
  • Pools built before 1 July 1993: Make sure the pool fencing meets today’s standards for new pools. This includes installing barriers to separate the pool area from the house.
  • Pools built on or after 1 July 1993: Pool fences should comply with the rules that were current when you submitted the application for construction, including restricting access to the pool from the house, garage, street, and any adjoining properties.

Dimensions and measurements

In SA, a pool fence must:
  • Be at least 1200mm tall.
  • Have a 900mm non-climbable zone at the top inside of the fence.
  • If there are boundary fences used as part of the child-safety barrier, these should be at least 1800mm tall on the side facing the pool.

Gate closure and maintenance

Pool gates should swing outwards away from the pool, automatically close by themselves, and have a latching device that’s at least 1500mm high off the ground. All pool owners must ensure that all necessary pool safety features are always maintained in good working order. Never leave the gates propped open and make sure that a gate closes and latches every time someone opens it. TGD_fence

Glass pool fencing

If you’re thinking of installing a pool on your property, Trade Glass Depot has the complete glass pool fence solution to meet your individual needs and requirements. All of the glass pool panels made at Trade Glass Depot go through a highly strict quality testing process to ensure that they meet and exceed national safety regulations. If you’ve got any questions in regards to pool fencing, why not speak with one of our expert staff at Trade Glass Depot today. We can give you the information and help you require so that your glass pool fence meets South Australia’s regulations. You can find more information about pool fencing laws in South Australia on the Government of South Australia website. TGD_SA_completed_popups

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