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Pool Fencing Regulations in Queensland

If you’re thinking of installing a pool in your yard or you already have one built,c it’s very important that you maintain the safety of your pool area. Complying with the pool fence regulations and laws in your state is your responsibility as a pool owner. If you have pool fencing that doesn’t comply with the laws, children below the age of 5 could accidentally drown in your pool. To prevent young children from drowning and ensure their safety and wellbeing, you must abide by the regulations set in your state and take preventative measures. The laws on pool fencing discussed here only apply to Queensland, as they’re different in other states and territories. TGD_latch

Make your pool fence compliant

As of 30 November 2015, all pool fences should comply with current pool safety laws, such as:
  • Replacing, tightening or adjusting gate hinges.
  • Ensuring gates are self-closing and self-latching.
  • Having a fence that’s at least 1200mm above ground level.
  • Trimming back vegetation or branches that young children can use to climb over the fence.
  • Shielding or removing climbable objects within 900mm of the fence.
  • Installing fixed security screens on windows opening into the pool enclosure.
  • Getting rid of climbable objects from the fence and surrounding areas.


Pool fences should always be well maintained to stop children from drowning or becoming seriously injured. If there’s any damage to your pool fence, repair it immediately. If a part of the pool fence is missing, replace it. If a small part of the pool fence is damaged (e.g. latches, hinges or palings need replacing), you may repair it to the same standard as the existing fence. If you’re going to sell or lease the property, however, the fence should comply with the current standard.

Building a new pool fence

New pool fences must comply with the current standard. You don’t need a building development approval where:
  • The pool safety standard is the only assessable standard that applies to the work.
  • The fence is no more than 2000mm above ground level or above the retaining wall or other structure it’s built on, and no part of the fence that’s more than 2000mm above ground level is within 1500mm of a boundary.
  • The pool fence and safety barriers are inspected by a pool safety inspector or building certifier for compliance with the standard.

Glass pool fencing

If you’re considering installing a pool for your children and loved ones, Trade Glass Depot has everything you need, including high-quality glass pool fencing and supplies with competitive prices. What’s more, all the glass pool panels we make undergo a strict quality testing process to make sure they meet and exceed national safety regulations. If you’re interested and want to find out more, you can browse our other ranges to see what Trade Glass Depot has to offer. You’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for. You can also contact us and one of our friendly and expert staff members will get in contact with you as soon as possible. For more information on meeting the stringent Queensland pool fence regulations, head straight to the QLD Department of Housing and Public Works website. TGD_QLD_completed_popups

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