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Pin Fixed Glass Panels Balustrade

Premium Quality Pin Fixed and Standoff Glass Panels

Trade Glass Depot is your one-stop shop for pin fixed glass panels and balustrades. We stock an extensive range of glass and hardware with the aim of assisting our trade and DIY clients right across Australia. Below you’ll find a complete range of custom designed pin fixed glass panels and hardware solutions. Trade Glass Depot has the experience and expertise to design a solution that works for you – browse below and get in contact with our team today. We’ve also got a full range of other glass balustrade fittings – check them out if you think you need a different solution to those listed below.

Glass Panels

We source your pin fixed 12mm Grade A toughened glass panels on a made-to-measure basis, to ensure that the product matches your exact requirements. If your job is small or you need it urgently, we use local glass manufacturers who can respond fast. For larger projects, we work with international manufacturers and import the glass in project lots, making it considerably more cost effective.

38mm Standoffs

Trade Glass Depot stocks a wide range of 38mm diameter standoff pins in body sizes from 10mm to 100mm. We provide standard kits in 38x28mm, but we of course match individual components to your specific requirements. Like all of our hardware, our standoffs are manufactured from very high quality 316 stainless steel and finished beautifully

50mm Standoffs

We also stock marine grade stainless steel 50mm diameter standoff pins in body sizes from 10mm to 100 mm.  We have standard kits in 38x28mm ready to go, or we can very quickly pick a non-standard pack to match your specific requirements.

Standoff Fittings

At Trade Glass Depot, we can provide you with fixings to cater for almost every substrate application. Already know exactly what you need?  Great, we’ve got it.  Not sure exactly what you need?  No problem at all – we’re here to help.

Consumables & Accessories

You need it?  We’ve got it.  In stock.  We have all of the consumables and accessories you’ll need to install a pin fixed glass balustrade or anything else that we offer.

Shipping Times & Costs

Trade Glass Depot strives to provide shipping that is affordable and timely, to ensure your purchase remains budget-friendly and arrives at your door as soon as possible. Every delivery is custom packed by our specialist team to ensure that your goods arrive safely and soundly. Our goods arrive in perfect condition almost 100% of the time, and in the rare instance of an issue occurring during transport, we will replace any damaged products at no cost to you. Below, we’ve compiled information on delivery times and costs to major cities across Australia. As well as the listed locations, we are able ship to any address in the nation; so if your hometown isn’t listed simply get in contact with our friendly team.


Average Shipping Costs (Large Order)

Average Shipping Costs (Small Order)

Average Delivery Times




2 days




1-2 days




1 day




1 day




2-3 days



Talk to us

4-5 days

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