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ON SALE Nano Pro Glass Coating

Trade Glass Depot recommends customers use NANO PRO Glass Coat. NANO PRO Glass Coat is a remarkable substance that coats glass to prevent staining, corrosion and marking. The substance covers glass with a very thin barrier – completely invisible to the naked eye – which significantly reduces the build-up of water, minerals and dirt.

On Sale until 30th November, 2014.

Save at least 60% off DIY Nano Pro Glass Coat until 30th November, 2014 or until stocks last. All stock is less than half price. There’s never been a better time to protect your glass pool fence or glass balustrade with Nano Pro Glass Coat.

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Nano Pro 1000ml
Nano Pro 1000ml
Nano Pro 250ml
Nano Pro 250ml
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What are the advantages?

One of the key advantages to using NANO PRO glass coatings is that your glass fence or balustrade will need much less cleaning, and look cleaner at all times. Perhaps more importantly, NANO PRO Glass Coat will protect glass over the long term, dramatically reducing the likelihood that the glass will be permanent damaged or discoloured from the corrosion and staining caused by chemicals and minerals left behind by water. Best of all, NANO PRO Glass Coat is a highly durable and very long lasting treatment, and will not come off with normal cleaning or even high pressure cleaning. Just apply and forget.

How does it work?

Glass looks and feels completely smooth. However, if you examine glass through a microscope, you’ll discover that all glass surfaces are pitted. These pitted surfaces allow chemicals and minerals left behind by water to bond to the glass surface. Some of these contaminants can etch permanently the face of the glass making it very difficult or impossible to clean. NANO PRO Glass Coat basically uses tiny (nano) particles to fill in the microscopic pores in the glass, meaning that many contaminants (and indeed water) fail to find any grip on the glass. The more uniform and smooth surface shields the glass and makes it very easy to clean.

Why do we recommend using it?

At Trade Glass Depot, we recommend that all of our glass pool fencing and glass balustrade customers utilise NANO PRO glass coatings to reduce the maintenance required and to keep their glass barriers looking great year after year. You can also use NANO PRO Glass Coat in other applications, including shower screens, splashbacks, mirrors and windows.