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World’s first 100% composite fencing spigot – no earthing or grounding required

Produced using the highest quality and grade of engineering composite materials, the BuildTuff Composite Spigot is the culmination of 5 years intensive research by the award winning team at Evolve Group.

$99 per set, buy online and get free shipping Australia wide, (Sold in packs of 2)

What is a Composite?

A composite material is one created from two or more very different material which combine to make a better product than the parts themselves.

Common examples of composite materials are:

  • Fibreglass (glass fibre and epoxy resin)
  • Plywood (wood veneers and glue)
  • Concrete (cement and stones)

$99 per set, buy online and get free shipping Australia wide, (Sold in packs of 2)

What are Composite spigots?

Composite spigots are an innovation which remove the necessity of the electrical earthing/bonding work you would need to have done with conventional metal spigots when they are close to the water’s edge of your pool. They have been created by the award-winning Evolve Group over a 5-year development period and are now available for ground-level pool fencing projects, saving you the cost of electrical earthing work – and the delays caused by adding or building the required earth wiring system to your existing or new pool build.

What are the benefits of Composite spigots?

Non-conductive Composite spigots not only eliminate the financial pain of having to employ a qualified Electrician to add a bonding circuit to you project being of a rigid plastic design, they cannot corrode, need the smallest amount of  maintenance, and are just as robust – and pass the same NATA test standards as metal spigots.

Where can Composite spigots be used?

At present, NATA tested and approved Composite spigots can be utilized on ground floor pool fence installations with 12mm glass panels up to 2000mm wide (base mount and balustrade-compliant versions will be available soon).

$99 per set, buy online and get free shipping Australia wide, (Sold in packs of 2)

Composite core drill Spigots in Detail

  • World’s first 100% composite core drill spigot
  • For ground level frameless glass fencing where a core drilled spigot is required
  • Requires no earthing or electrical bonding
  • Meets EB (‘equipotential bonding’) requirements under AS3000:2007
  • Cannot corrode and carries a 10 year warranty
  • NATA tested and accredited to AS1926.1:2007 & 2012
  • UV-stabilised
  • Paintable – including dress covers
  • Australian made and designed
  • Applicable to both retro-fitting and new
  • Suits 12mm glass thickness
  • No worry of metal-to-glass contact causing breakage
  • Created by Evolve, a multi award-winning design team
  • Base plate versions and balustrade compliant versions will soon be available
  • Easy to fit dress plate – AFTER grouting has taken place
  • Stainless adjustment screws with sturdy composite friction support plate
  • Mini plastic packers supplied with every spigot to ensure plumb and level are maintained
  • Spigot extensions soon available

Composite spigot dimensions:

Buy online or call the Sales team at TGD to discuss the savings you’ll enjoy by using and installing Composite spigots.

$99 per set, buy online and get free shipping Australia wide, (Sold in packs of 2)

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