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EnduroShield Glass Coating

If your glass pool fence, glass balustrade or shower screen is coated with EnduroShield you’ll enjoy a 90% reduction in glass cleaning time. EnduroShield is the ultimate in glass care and protection. It creates an invisible, protective, non-stick barrier which repels water and foreign material. EnduroShield is an easy-to-clean protective coating that provides an extremely long-lasting invisible shield on glass, reducing cleaning time by an incredible 90%. With EnduroShield your glass pool fencing or glass balustrade will stay cleaner for much longer and, since water and rain will just roll off each panel leaving it clear, when the time does come to clean the panel, it will only take a fraction of the usual time to restore its clarity.  

Save Time Cleaning Glass Panels

All glass is porous by nature and it also has an uneven microscopic surface covered with peaks, valleys and troughs – all hidden to the human eye. The surface imperfections attract dirt, bacteria and chemical/mineral build-up which become progressively harder to remove over time – even with regular cleaning. Eventually, the glass starts to take on a permanently frosted or milky look as the surface is altered, unfortunately never being able to return to a ‘clear’ state. EnduroShield really is the ultimate protective coating.

10-Year EnduroShield Warranty

When professionally applied here at the Trade Glass Depot Warehouse by our trained technicians, EnduroShield attracts a 10-year warranty. As the EnduroShield spray dries it forms a protective coating, chemically bonding itself to the glass and filling the microscopic contours. The protective coating will not change the appearance or clarity of the glass and is not affected by long term exposure to heat or UV light. EnduroShield can also be applied to any glass surface like showers screening, windows and splashbacks. factory spraying of enduroshieldpolishing and buffing of factory enduroshield application  

Top Ten Reasons to Choose EnduroShield

  1. Once-only application at factory
  2. 10-year warranty on factory-treated glass panels
  3. Takes only one microfibre cloth and/or a squeegee to clean
  4. Protects glass panels against staining, clouding, mineral build-up, limescale, body oils, soap scum, salt and chlorine UV and heat stabilised and tested
  5. Suitable for new or existing glass
  6. Easy DIY application also available
  7. Trade Glass Depot also offer EnduroShield as a DIY kit along with a range of stainless steel and tile protective coatings
  8. Reduction of up to 90% cleaning time over uncoated glass
  9. Environmentally sound – no need for harsh cleaning chemicals
  10. Stain and scratch resistant

DIY EnduroShield Packs

Trade Glass Depot also offer EnduroShield as a DIY kit ideal for existing glass panels or showers. Using the DIY kit provided, it’s easy to apply EnduroShield at home. DIY kits are covered by a 3-year warranty.

How to Clean Your Glass Panels

When your glass fence, balustrade or shower screen has been treated with EnduroShield we recommend that the surface be cleaned using a mild detergent (e.g. washing up liquid) and warm water. After washing glass panel with a lamb’s wool applicator or similar, then squeegee the glass and dry the glass edges with a lint free paper towel. A microfibre cloth can be used for stubborn stains and for any areas suffering from ‘hard’ water or bore water stains, a solution of white vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:5 parts should be used.

Don’t Void Your warranty

Keeping your 3 or 10-year warranty is as important as keeping your glass panels sparkling clean and clear. When cleaning, do not use hard or abrasive cleaners, just a mild detergent. Also, mixing pool chemicals near any EnduroShield surface is likely to damage coating and thus void the warranty. If your pool is new there may be a high level of salt present in the water. If this is the case, hose down the pool fence first and squeegee dry to avoid having a build-up of salt on any of your fence hardware. Once the salt level is at the normal level this process may not be necessary. Between your recommended cleaning cycles, quickly hose down and squeegee your glass panels to maintain their clarity 24/7. Avoid having the glass in direct sunlight or when it’s hot since a sudden burst of cold water on a hot glass panel may cause it to break. Add EnduroShield to you glass order If you want to enjoy the benefit of EnduroShield’s Glass Coating, talk to our sales team on 1300 889 375 or drop us a line…

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